Episode 8.1 – Nerdy Extras


I hope everyone’s been enjoying a lazy Sunday, I know I have. We’ve got the extras from the podcast here for you.

First up we’ll go with Star Trek.

Klingon Curses

The Youtube video and the list of swears (I hope you have better luck pronouncing these than I do).

Next up is Firefly.

Firefly curses

The Youtube video and a link to the list.

Farscape swears

Another video and list.

Now for Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The Guide

This time, it’s a video and two lists! (fine, a video, a list, and a forum).

And last, just some extras like the Wikipedia page for Profanity in Sci-Fi and the list we referred to in the podcast, with all the sci-fi swears.

If you weren’t familiar with swearing in science fiction before, you will be now. Enjoy and come back on Wednesday for a new episode.