FMB Episode 7: Whore

This week we look at whore.

As usual, Jessica tries to change the podcast (she doesn’t succeed), and the Bitches wonder why is swearing so gender biased?

Men can be whores too people!

Also, there are some mentions of Billie Piper, Monty Python, and, of course, Google.



FMB Episode 6.1: Extra Shit

So apparently I completely forgot to post this on the weekend. Sorry guys.

First up we’ve got the snopes article for you guys, where the S.H.I.T. acronym is debunked.

Snopes article

Find the whole thing here.

We also talked about DNDUI, Crit Juice, and Grace Helbig. They are all awesome at what they do so check them out.

Last we have the little girl who helped us out with the beginning.

We’ll be posting a new episode this afternoon. Come back in a few hours and check it out.

Episode 5.1: Extras

Hello again!

We’re coming up on a long weekend here and I wanted to get this out before then.

First up – the videos:

Next up – the list.

Screen shot of the list

Just the top bit of it. If you want the whole thing the link is below.

And finally, the Urban Dictionary definition that made us giggle.

Urban Dictionary - Fuck

The URL for this one is:

That’s about it for now, I’ll see if there is anything I missed and I’ll post it before Wednesday.

Have a good weekend!

Episode 5: Fuck

Arguably one of the most versatile words in the English language, this week we’re looking at fuck.

Jessica needs a nap, pioneers a conspiracy theory in which the Illuminati invented swears, and continues her quest to get Google to sponsor us.

Jen has a case of the giggles and tricks Jessica into singing along (your headphones are fine BTW).


Episode 4.3: the videos

Okay, last one. Here’re all the videos we promised you.

First up, this is what a rooster looks like when he walks.

Remember? To cock, as in swagger? Betcha you thought we’d forget that one.

Next up, Bender!

Just because.

Now the Supernatural one.

We weren’t kidding, the entire season is Dick jokes.

Jeff Dunham is next.

It’s a catchy tune.

Lastly, George Carlin.

One of the things that inspired this podcast, plus it’s just funny. If you only watch one video on this post, make it this one.

We’ll be back on Wednesday with a new episode. Bye!

Episode 4.2: Urban Dictionary Definitions

I figured out how to post the definitions! Here are screencaps followed by the links. Enjoy!

Ass definition – This definition of ass made us burst into giggles.

Top of the list for Titties

This is only the first bit of the list, they go all the way through the alphabet so click the link below to see them all. – This definition of titties made Jessica groan. (The girl really doesn’t like synonyms.)

Last extra post coming up. It’ll be the videos we talked about.