FMB 10: OMG Blasphemy!


It’s our last episode and we’re fulfilling a request. Blasphemy!

Jessica and Jen realize they’re likely going to hell and make plans to meet up there, in short, a good time is had by all.



Episode 5: Fuck

Arguably one of the most versatile words in the English language, this week we’re looking at fuck.

Jessica needs a nap, pioneers a conspiracy theory in which the Illuminati invented swears, and continues her quest to get Google to sponsor us.

Jen has a case of the giggles and tricks Jessica into singing along (your headphones are fine BTW).


Episode 3: Bastard

It’s time for episode 3!

This week you’ll hear us discuss the word bastard. Amazingly enough, not just used in the media, we discovered it’s the name of a small town. Listen to find out where it is (we’ll post a map later, don’t worry).

We also go off on several tangents, like Jen’s road rage, Jessica’s inability to count/math, and a confusing discussion about the date we actually recorded this vs. the date we’re posting it.