Episode 4.3: the videos

Okay, last one. Here’re all the videos we promised you.

First up, this is what a rooster looks like when he walks.

Remember? To cock, as in swagger? Betcha you thought we’d forget that one.

Next up, Bender!

Just because.

Now the Supernatural one.

We weren’t kidding, the entire season is Dick jokes.

Jeff Dunham is next.

It’s a catchy tune.

Lastly, George Carlin.

One of the things that inspired this podcast, plus it’s just funny. If you only watch one video on this post, make it this one.

We’ll be back on Wednesday with a new episode. Bye!


Episode 4: Tits and pussy and cock, oh my!

Wednesday again! The weeks are flying by.

This week we looked at a group of swears. Specifically the ones used in conjunction with body parts. Yup. Lots of talk about boobies, and penises, and vaginas.

As per usual we reference a lot of other stuff in the podcast, so we’ll post the extra content in a day or two.

One last thing…Jen says something about the birds with the blue feet – called blue footed tits. That was a mistake, they’re actually called blue-footed boobies.

  Just a couple of tits…

…and a booby.